Who we are

Jawhar & Alanda Law Office

A legal entity is managed under the personal and direct supervision of the lawyers Ali Jawhar and Abdullah Al-Alanda, who have been on the bench since 2001.This entity is characterized by providing legal consultations and solutions to all its clients in legal issues and cases in the form of in-depth legal consultations, which is examined and studied by legal experts and specialists from its staff.

The team was chosen from specialists in various fields and branches of law, in cooperation with law professors in universities and major law firms to provide all legal services both inside and outside Kuwait.Jawaher and Al-Alanda Office contribute to disseminate the legal awareness and culture in the State of Kuwait through press, television programs and social media.


Our Constants

The main objective of Jawhar and Al-Alanda Office as one of the most important legal institutions in the State of Kuwait is to preserve and defend the rights of the clients and to take care of their interests through the effort and care with professional ethics approved by the client, through a dedicated team to study each issue on a case-by- case basis of individual or corporate clients.